Digital Marketing Trends in 2023

Digital marketing is process to promote and sell product and services by using online marketing platforms. Digital marketing is the combination of marketing and online marketing platforms such as desktop, mobile (Smartphone) and tablet. Digital marketing channels consist search engine marketing, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, SMS and whatsapp marketing, video (YouTube marketing), affiliate marketing and promotion on mobile apps.

What are the Digital Marketing Trends for 2022?

  • Artificial Intelligence Based Automation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the current trend in digital marketing. AI based marketing automation is being used by the business organization. There is no human need to reply of the messages; everything is being done by the use of artificial intelligent programmatic Advertising.

artificial intelligence digitalwala
  • Pogrammatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is done on the basis of user behaviour; it is automatically optimized digital marketing campaigns. Programmatic advertising is done by machine learning based artificial intelligence; there is less use of human interaction.

programmatic advertising digitalwala
  • Chat bot

Chat bots are the current marketing trends. Chat bots are used for automatic reply on website and other social media platforms. Currently, chat bots are being used in website chats, facebook messenger and whatsapp etc.

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  • Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is direct marketing of the product and services with customers by using different digital channels.

conversational marketing digitalwala
  • Personalization

Personalized marketing is the best way of marketing. It is done on the basis of user behaviour, interests. Personalized products and services are based on behaviour of the user.

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Video marketing is one of the latest forms of marketing. By videos, marketers can explain their product and services and it is easy to show detailed companies product and services.

  1. Live stream Videos
  2. Personalized videos in the sales process
  3. Product focused videos
  4. Long-form Videos
influncer marketing digitalwala
  • Influencer Marketing – Micro Influencer

Influencers marketing are very helpful in sales of products and services. In influencer marketing, marketers use influences to marketer their company’s product and services. Influencers can be celebrities, social media personalities, business personalities and friends etc.

  • Social Messaging Apps

Social messaging apps are also in current trends in digital marketing.

  • Visual Search`

Visual search is being used by customer to search required services. Visual search becomes important for marketing.

  • Micro-Moments

Micro moments are important way of marketing is used by digital marketers.

  • Voice Search & Smart Speakers

In 2019, more than 10% searches are from voice search. Voice search will increase in 2023.  Marketing are doing work on voice search optimization. Current trend is voice search due to the huge usage of smart phone. Customers need services in their hands, voice search become current trends in digital marketing in 2023.

  • Social Media Stories

Stories are the best way for customer engagement and product sale. Social media stories are being popular in marketing. Digital marketers use social media stories to sell their product and services. YourStory and other social media websites are platform for marketing of stories

  • Browser Push Notifications

Browser push notifications are instant form of marketing. Browser push notification has replaced sms form of marketing.

Web-Browser-Push-Notification digitalwala

To promote services / products through content is content marketing. Content marketing dominates seo (search engine marketing). SEO depends on content marketing.

content marketing digitalwala

SEO is the process of optimize the website on the basis of search engine algorithms. A/B Split testing is process to use seo.

seo digitalwala
  • Social Commerce & Shoppable Posts

Social commerce is to sales of product and services by using social media platforms like facebook, snapchat etc. To post on social media platforms by which customer buy product or makes buying decision is shoppable post.

social commerce digitalwala
  • Interactive Content

Interactive content is marketing through content, video and audio.  Content marketing, audio / radio marketing and video marketing are the way to share interactive content.’

  • Omni channel Marketing

Omni channel marketing is used in e-commerce sites. Omni channel are desktop, smartphone and tablet for shopping with integrated shopping experience.

omni channel marketing digitalwala
  • Augmented Reality (AR) & Immersive Technologies

Augmented reality and immersive technologies are being use by marketers for marketing of the products and services.

augmented reality digitalwala
  • Predictive & Augmented Analytics

Predictive and augmented analytics are being use by marketers for the best shopping experience.

  • Growth of Geo-Fencing

Geo-fencing is the form local marketing. To show product and services in local area (specifically in a range of commercial area) is called geo-fencing. Geo-fencing targeting helps to grow sales.

geofencing marketing digitalwala
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs are very helpful in marketing. Progressive web apps are in current trends digital marketing.

  • User-Generated Content (UGC)

Getting reviews, messages are the form of user-generated content (UGC). UGCs are the best forms for getting customer feedback.

user generated content digitalwala
  • Blockchain Technology

BlockcBlockchain technologies are used by companies and business organizations to give the best customer experience. Blackchain technology has a large impact on digital marketing. Using blockchain technology, it gives the power of data to consumers, uses in authentication and transparency; confusing ad spends streamlined, fixing display advertising, keywords tracking, and better leads for marketers. The Brave blockchain browser with its accompanying Basic Attention Token (BAT) is attempting to fix all of these issues by changing the way users interact with ads.

blockchain technology digitalwala
  • Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is using in marketing for product and services. Quantum computing is using in marketing for product and services. High-tech industries use quantum computing to optimize search, cyber security, bidding strategies for advertisements, online and product marketing, software validation and verification, and machine learning and artificial intelligence, such as neural networks.

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  • Big Data and Deep Learning

Big data is used for analysing data of the company.

big data digitalwala
  • Google Ads Smart Bidding

Google ads are the paid marketing platform where marketers can bid on keywords. Google ads smart bidding give options for automatic bidding.

google ads digitalwala
  • SERP Position Zero

SERP is the search engine result pages. When user searches any keyword in search, search engine shows the result on the basis of database and query.

  • Branding – Focus on Customer Retention, Loyalty & Advocacy , Shifting from brand awareness to brand affinity

Branding is the image of the product, company in the mind of customer. Nowadays companies are focusing from brand awareness to brand affinity to brand loyalty.

brand digitalwala
  • Better Analytics

Analytics is tools to analyze customer behaviour. For analytics, there are many online tools and software, some of them are free and some are paid. For website analytics, Google offers Google analytics.

  • 5G Technology

5G Technology is the 5th generation of internet (wireless communication). 5G is expected to give at least 40 times faster than current using 4G technology. 5G technology may use a variety of spectrum bands, including millimeter wave (mmWave) radio spectrum, which can carry very large amounts of data a short distance

5g technology digitalwala
  • Privacy Marketing (Consumer Privacy & KYC)

GDPR (General Data Protection Right) is regulation of EU law. GDPR protect the privacy of consumer rights. Now-a-days companies are using privacy marketing. Companies protects consumer right while doing privacy marketing

  • Website Security

Website security is very important for the sake for private data and credit cards and debit cards details. Website use security protocol (https) for the security for customer details while other hand company user different firewalls to beware from internet frauds and hackers.

website-security digitalwala
  • Long-Form Content

Long form content is current marketing trends.  Long-form content gets more share.

  • Semantic Keyword Research

Semantic keyword research is conceptually connected in keyword research. Semantic keywords research is used while doing keyword research in seo search engine optimization. Semantics is a branch of linguistics concerned with deriving meaning from words

  • Structured Data SEO

Structure data seo is the doing seo of the website as per the Google search console. Structured data helps the doing seo properly in structured form.

  • Alternate Search Engines

Alternate search engines are bing, ask, aol and baidu etc. Marketers are also using alternate search engines besides Google.

  • Voice Marketing Funnels

Voice search is being increased day by days as per google’s insight report. Voice marketing funnel is very important for marketers. Voice marketing funnels helps to categories user requirements and on that basis to plan marketing furthure.

voice marketing funnel digitalwala

Social media marketing is to promote products and services on different social media platforms like facebook, linkedin, twitter, pinterest, instagram, youtube, snapchat etc.

social media marketing digitalwala
  • Neuromarketing

Neuomarkting is being used in marketing by the marketer to get the physiological and neural signals to gain insight into customers’ motivations, preferences, and decisions, which can help inform creative advertising, product development, pricing, and other marketing areas 1. FMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) and 2. EEG (electroencephalogram).

neuromarketing digitalwala

“Data is Oil”. It is well known. Data science is a tool to get the customer’s insight easily in different industries. Data science is used in internet search, digital advertising, recommender systems, image recognition, speech recognition, gaming, price comparison websites, airline route planning, fraud and risk detection, delivery logistics, finance, hr, healthcare, government policies, etc. Data science use machine learning and artificial intelligence to extract useful information and predict future pattern and behaviors.  Using data science, companies have become intelligent enough to push & sell products as per customers’ purchasing power & interest.

data science digtialwala
  • Machine Learning

Machine learning is used in digital marketing to enhance customer experience, faster customer service, create new revenue streams, develop more products and services, content optimization (curating more precise content, smart content creation), better personalization, reduce marketing waste, chat bots engage customers, optimized advertising, automated email marketing campaigns,  powerful social media management, transformative influencer marketing, website seo, improved ppc campaigns.

machine learning digitalwala
  • Direct Messaging

Direct messaging is the powerful tool in digital marketing. Digital marketers are using direct massaging by using chat bots, reviews reply, email conversation, whatsapp campaign, reply on social media platforms.

  • Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is used to indentify good and bad customer reviews. Marketers use sentiment analysis to identify user behaviour about their product and online services.

semantic analysis digitalwala
  • Lifestyle Marketing

Digital marketing use lifestyle marketing for customer engagement and customer retention.

  • Insights-Driven Marketing

Insight-driven marketing is used to targeting audience for marketing the product online. There are various insight is available in analytics tools.

  • Marketing Technology

Marketing and Technology is abbreviated as MarTech. Martech is the use of technology in the marketing activity of the product. Marketers leverage the marketing and technology tools to plan, execute and measure marketing efforts.

marketing technology digitalwala
  • Digital Transformation & Strategic Marketing Transformation

We are living in digital. Everything is digital, if for food we use online food aggregators, for travel we use OTAs etc. This is age of digital transformation. Digital transformation and strategic transformation is used by marketers.

digital transformation digitalwala
  • Assignment Selling

Assignment selling is using content to close deals.

assignment selling digitalwala
  • Predictive lead scoring

Predictive lead scoring is a data-driven scoring methodology to identify the sales leads that are most likely to convert. Predictive lead scoring is a tool that uses in algorithm to look at the data you’ve collected in your CRM or marketing tools as well as external data found in the wild in order to determine whether leads are qualified or unqualified.

predictive lead scoring digitalwala
  • Online communities & groups

Online communities and groups are used for marketing the products and services. These online communities and groups are based on similar targeting audience available social media platforms.

online social communities and groups digitalwala

What are the latest digital marketing trends?

latest digital marketing trends digitalwala
  1. Video Marketing
  2. Local Marketing
  3. Mobile Marketing
  4. Personalized Marketing

Which is the fastest growing digital marketing platform?

  1. YouTube
  2. Social Media
  3. Instagram
  4. Google Maps
  5. UC Browser
  6. Twitter
  7. Whatsapp
  8. Telegram
  9. Skype, Zoom etc.
  10. Digital payment – Google Pay, Paytm, Phone Pay…

Is Digital Marketing Easy?

No, digital marketing is not easy. But, it can be learned.

Is digital the future?

Yes, digital is future because of below reasons

  • Direct Advertising
  • Easy Consumer Reach
  • Easy Brand Promotion
  • Reduced cost
  • Helping Marketers Career
  • Available 24/7
  • Consumer’s Convenience to Shop Online
  • Global Advertisement
  • Bulk Emails And Messages
  • Perpetually Displaying Ads
  • Simple To Measure

Is there a future in digital marketing?

Yes, digital marketing is the future. Now, marketing is digital.  Digital marketing is the necessary for all business organization.

Why is Digital marketing the future?    

Digital marketing is future due to below reasons,

  1. Ease of Audience Targeting: It is ease to targeting audience in digital marketing. It is easy targeting different targeting like geographical, demographical, custom affinity, remarketing, and keywords based etc.
  2. Low Investment, High ROI: Digital marketing is marketing where there is low investment and high return of the interest.
  3. Reaching Mobile Users: It is era of mobile. Maximum users are on mobile. It is easy to reach mobile users in digital marketing.

How do you create a digital marketing plan?

Digital marketing plan varies company to company. A digital marketing plan is customizable; it is created on the basis of company/business requirements and current marketing trends in the eye of a high return on investment.

Who are key drivers in digital marketing?

Key drivers in digital marketing is as below,

  1. Pervasive Mobility & Responsive Design
  2. Business Blogging
  3. Content Optimization
  4. Inbound Marketing
  5. Customer Experience
  6. Data Dominates

What is digital marketing mix?

4Ps, Product, Price, Place, and Promotion is digital marketing mix.

What is a digital landscape?

A digital landscape is a collective name for websites, email, social networks, mobile devices,  videos (YouTube), etc. These tools help businesses sell their products or services

What is the biggest trend in online marketing?

Trends in online marketing in 2021 is as below,

  1. Developing Application
  2. Building Websites
  3. Building Mobile Apps
  4. Creating Video & YouTube Chanel
  5. SEO Search Engine Optimization
  6. Image Marketing
  7. Creating Pages & Groups
  8. Google Ads, Facebook and Social Media Ads
  9. Social Networking
  10. Whatsapp Techniques

What are challenges in digital marketing?

Although digital marketing is the most advantageous marketing even there are some challenges with digital marketing which are pointed below;  

  • Dependability on technology
  • Security, privacy issues
  • Maintenance costs due to a constantly evolving environment
  • Higher transparency of pricing and increased price competition
  • Worldwide competition through globalisation
  • Advanced Strategy can be Copied
  • Pictures or pictures can be utilized to deceive clients and remove a significant business from you.
  • Computerized marketing includes too much competition
  • Computerized advertisers are not fit for getting into an all the more dominant spot for the most ideal presentation for their advancement and advancement undertakings
  • Absence of trust
  • Requires more initial investment
  • Customer complaints and feedback visible and open for scrutiny from the public.
  • High competition of brands
  • Limited consumer link and conversation
  • Advertisement For Limited Products
  • Less Interest On the Internet
  • Cash On Delivery
  •  Limitations of Internet Access Dependability on technology

Is digital marketing a growing field?

Off course, digital marketing is growing field. There are more than 12 lacs jobs every year in India.

What is the scope of digital marketing?

There is a huge scope of digital marketing. One can create a career in digital marketing and have the opportunity to become a millionaire / billionaire.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Online Business:

scope of digital marketing digitalwala
  1. Become a YouTuber
  2. Start your Facebook page
  3. Start your own Instagram account
  4. Become Data Analyst
  5. Start your own digital marketing agency
  6. Start your Dropshipping business:
  7. Earn with Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
  8. Start Freelancing Services
  9. Become a Professional Blogger
  10. Become a graphics and web designer
  11. Become a digital marketer

Is Digital marketing good career?

digital marketing job opportunities digitalwala

Yes, digital marketing is a good career option. Careers options in digital marketing filed are as below;

  1. Junior & Mid Level Career Options
  2. Digital marketing intern
  3. Digital marketing executive
  4. SEO Executive
  5. Link Building specialist
  6. Social media specialist
  7. Google Ads specialist
  8. Email marketing specialist
  9. Web Analyst
  10. Online reputation executive
  11. Content marketing executive
  12. Higher Level Digital Marketing Job Titles
  13. Digital marketing strategist
  14. Digital marketing manager
  15. Social media manager
  16. Digital Marketing Head
  17. Paid Advertising manager
  18. Digital Branding Head
  19. Chief Digital Officer
  20. Performance Marketing Manager

Is Digital marketing a good career 2021?

Yes, digital marketing is a good career option in 2021and upcoming years.

Is Digital marketing worth studying?

Yes, digital marketing is worth studying. Digital marketing gives you option become a entrepreneur too.

How much Indian digital marketers earn?

Pay in digital marketing filed varies on experience and knowledge. You can start your career with a pretty pay and after few years of experience, you can get highly paid roles.

Is digital marketing a tough job?

Digital marketing is interesting jobs.

Is digital marketing job stressful?

Digital marketing roles are fantastic.

Is digital marketing well paid?

Yes, digital marketing is well paid.

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