Everything About SEO – Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Search engine optimization SEO is one of the top digital marketing channels used to generate traffic onto the website. This marketing channel is also very important because it is not only the search engines but also it is about having a good SEO which improves the user experience and eventually the website traffic so what does it have to do with the business imagine we have our own company and we’re just surfing through the internet what could be the best way to increase the traffic to the website.

The simple answer to this would be SEO almost all websites need optimization in order to rank on Google or a SERP.  This search engine result pages so in short if I have to say about SEO I would say that we need SEO services because it will help send the right signals to search engines and also push website up the list of results which help in ranking in the first spot. People search for things right that traffic can be extremely powerful for a business not only because there’s a lot of traffic but also there’s a lot of very specific and high intended traffic directed towards the website.

Search Engine Optimization

Now, what exactly do we know works for driving traffic from search engines? Why search engines are very important? People are searching for any manner of things directly related to the business beyond that our prospects are also searching for all kinds of things that are loosely related to the business. These represent even more opportunities to connect to those folks and help answer that query solve that problem and become a trusted resource for them regardless of what search engines we use.

Search results are constantly changing in recent days so Google particularly has updated a lot of things surrounding how they rank websites. by way of lots of different animal names recently and a lot of easiest and cheapest way to get website pages to rank in search results have become extremely risky in recent days so how does it work how does Google determine which pages to return and responds to what people search for how do we get all these valuable traffic to the website if we have to say Google’s algorithm is extremely complex.

 Some views about anything that is related to this Google algorithm so we can dive deeper into how Google rank sits site at the end of each section. Google is looking for pages that contain high-quality relevant information about the searches query so they can determine relevance by crawling the website’s content and evaluating whether that content is relevant to what that person is looking for mostly based on the keywords. It contains and also talking about the quality it is determined by the number of means and also the quality of the websites that link to our page and the whole site as well. Now surprisingly an additional number of elements are being weighed by Google’s algorithm to determine where the site will rank. This basically depends on how people engage with the site, how long did they surf for, what action do they perform and so many other things. Actually play a vital role in shaping the website’s traffic and also there’s another factor that is the speed of the site, how long the loading speed does take and is it mobile-friendly and how much unique content we possess. If it’s a low-value content or it’s duplicate content and so many other things so there are mainly hundreds of ranking factors that affect Google’s algorithm considering the fact that we get the response searches and also they’re constantly being updated and refined by this process. 

SEO, search engine optimization which is often called as SEO; is basically a process of increasing the quality of the website traffic the major search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing all have primary search results here the web pages are displayed and ranked based on what the search engine selects as the most relevant in accordance with the context SEO helps website achieve a better ranking on the search engine result pages,  that is a SERP when prospects search for a particular keyword related to our products or services. Thus this increases the quality and the quantity of traffic on the website through organic results.

SEO is also the process that organizations go through to help make sure that their site ranks high in the search engines for relevant key phrases and keywords. Now let’s say for example if we have an article on what is digital marketing in order to get our content in front of the right people we want to try to optimize our blog post so that it will show up on the top results for anyone who searches for the phrase or keyword.

Benefits of SEO

There are so many benefits of using SEO for the business by improving our SEO we can work to expand our visibility on search engines. This will eventually help we reach and engage more potential customers and also we can create more engaging and effective SEO focused content which will, in turn, increase our chances of bringing in more targeted organic traffic.

Benefits of SEO

All the traffic on the web starts with a simple google search and if we add together traffic from other popular search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube. 70% of traffic actually originates from a search engine now let’s say for example if our company is an educational site according to Google around 3 lakh people search for online training every single month this might be even more but considering the first result in Google that gets around 20% of all the clicks that is 22,000 visitors to the website each month.

If we show up at the top but let’s qualify this how much are those visitors worth the average advertiser for that search phrase spends up to $1.00 per click which means that the web traffic of 22,000 visitors is worth roughly 22,000 dollars a month and that’s just the search phrase if the site is SEO friendly then we rank four hundred or even thousands of keywords in other industries like real estate insurance and all other parts of digital marketing the value of search engine traffic is significantly higher we even have something called as organic and paid traffic.

Organic traffic is something that has got out of the content that we create and how we market it whereas paid traffic is pushing them so that people can see it and get more traffic.

SEO Myth

There’s this famous myth is seen that SEO is all about optimizing on Google but the reality is it’s not more platforms like Yahoo Bing and so on, also depends on the business.  SEO is not only about authorizing Google another method is we should pay for traffic to attain SEO. This process is actually called a black hat.

Evolution of SEO

In digital marketing, it’s not about only SEO so this was a few myths about SEO now that we’ve figured out how SEO works. Let’s understand how digital marketing came into existence its roots and how its branches spread out; that is the history of SEO.

evolution of seo digitalwala
evolution of seo

Search engine optimization is considered as a millennial, it is believed that SEO was first born in the year 1991 during the span is when the world’s first web site was also launched which is www that is the worldwide web. This led to the launch of any such websites that crowded the Internet. SEO very much revolves around Google. Today, so however the practices that we know as SEO actually predate the world’s most popular search engine which was co-founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.  But although when it was first started in the year 1991 the story of SEO officially began a bit later around 1997.  There are a few series of events that would justify the evolution of SEO.

In the year 1993, search engine excite was launched first by the Stanford students so there were six students of Stanford who had been developing the search engine called excite. And also in the same here in the month of June worldwide wanderer was launched which was later coined to Yandex and in the same year Altavista be was introduced.  This site allows the owners to submit their own pages this is something interesting and also something new in the field of SEO at that point also correspondingly in the year 1994 yahoo, vista, Lycos search engines were also created.  Alta Vista was created to look smart is a search advertising content management and online media company it provides search machine learning and chatbot technologies. so this was created in the year 1995 and also in the year 1996 the initiation of backrub was started. Even this is a search engine and also in the year 1997 MSN search engine was built and Google was launched in this year. This was way back before we had Google as a registered domain.

Google is a search engine where we can find everything now even a small piece of information that we need or we want to know something we can just google it and will have the information right away but back then it wasn’t that case but then as Google was launched everything changed so this is when a CEO had a major twist in the field of digital marketing. This was about the history of digital marketing. This was the way how SEO came into the picture or SEO came into the mainstream of digital marketing.

 Types of SEO

  1. White hat SEO
  2. Black hat
  3. Grey hat

SEO is something that is actually used to increase the organic traffic on to the website from search engines so using the right type of SEO, we will be able to achieve this.

White Hat SEO:

White hat SEO
White hat SEO

as the name suggests white hat SEO basically refers to the most upright practices adapted by the digital marketers worldwide to help rank our product high on the search engine result pages or SERP.  This type is strictly abided by the Google guidelines so we should follow the guidelines of Google for better SEO.  We’ll also be able to focus more on the meta tags keywords in the title and body of the content. It is also called as ethical SEO. It is most widely used practice for publishing quality content on the website restructuring the links and many more now talking about the exact definition of white hat SEO this white hat SEO utilizes the techniques and methods to improve the search engine rankings of a website which don’t run afoul of search engines mainly the Google guidelines.

It also focuses on the audience as opposed to search engines and people who are looking for long term investment on their websites rely on white hat techniques.

 Black Hat SEO : Black hat SEO includes certain practices that focus on finding loopholes in Google’s algorithm for ranking a particular content higher on the search engine result page.

Black hat seo
Black hat seo

If we have to say or compare a black hat and white hat SEO black hat SEO is dead opposite to the white hat SEO by this we mean to say that the practices followed by the black hat SEO are too against the guidelines provided by Google and its algorithms talking about the techniques that it includes or we have spam links keyword stuffing cloaking hidden text and links so spam links are nothing but linking our blogs or over linking our content and keyword stuffing is something that is required if we are going to write an article off close to 5,000 or 6,000 words and we are not able to add our keyword at a particular place we stuff those keywords at some points so that it gives up heads to we tailing that SEO is good cloaking is a SEO technique in which content presented to the search engine spider is different from that present to the user’s browser this is done by delivering the content based on the IP address of the user agent HTTP header of the user requesting page.

 Now the next one is a hidden text we think most of we know the hidden text is something which is invisible or unreadable so he didn’t text is mostly achieved by setting the font color to the same color as a background and rendering the text invisible unless the user highlights it. It can serve several purposes so using black hat SEO we can do these so we can link any of our videos of blocks to any of the platforms that we’re going to be working on. So using these techniques we can make our content appear on the SERP which is going to generate more traffic to the website and also our get good leads out of it.

Grey Hat: Grey hat SEO generally best types of SEO. We make use of blackhat or white hat but also sometimes we make use of the grey hat as well so what exactly is a screen head as we defining the grey hat SEO is a little tough but We’ve put across them in a certain way that it could help we understand what exactly it stands for grey hat is not something that is between the black hat and the white hat.

Grey hat seo
Grey hat seo

It’s much different from what people say. Here in this case it is a practice of using legal methods that help in improving websites traffic these are also referred to as devious witch one day turn into a black hat also this falls somewhere in the middle as the statistics and techniques are not specifically present in Google’s guidelines so this is about the types of SEO s that are present in the market right now.

SEO Techniques

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO
  3. Technical SEO

We have something called on-page, off-page and technical so we might have come across this keyword on-page of page SEO s right these are nothing but the strategies that we follow to gain more traffic by having content on the page and off the page.

On-page SEO: This relates to the content that is present on the web page.  We might think what’s so special about working on the content that is already present on the page. Well there is all on-page activities primarily include distribution of keywords in the right place inserting external links meta tags description. For it adding a customized URL to our content and also last one but not the one which we should ignore images so all these are present on the page and hence optimizing it in a better way will eventually drive more traffic to the website.

On page seo
On page seo

Keyword distribution:

Keyword distribution should be done in the right place. If we’re going to be writing a blog on SEO, we need to know where to include the word SEO in the entire blog if we’re going to be using SEO or the first part of the sentence on every other line is going to be making it very awkward so keyword distribution plays a vital role in generating more traffic or many leads to the website.

Inserting external links:  We need not provide links to other blogs or other external resources we can either link to our company’s blogs or articles or also we can link something which is more relevant to it, even if we think the external source is giving more enlightenment or giving more opportunity.

If we are going to be writing an entire blog about digital marketing we need more facts more resources and stats. For stats and facts, we can either refer to the people or companies which are mainly into digital marketing. So the links play an important role now.

Meta tag Description:

Meta tags are something that is present below our topic on the search engine pages. It is visible if we type ‘digitalwala’, we can see that our post is present over here and also we can see a description of a small description over here. Meta description also plays an important role because we need to add our keyword or even over here.

Customized URL to our content adding a different URL is definitely going to be working for us. because the domain is going to be our company’s name. URL is going to help to get a better view of our article and images should have all tags and also these should contain our keyword. Make sure that our keyword is in such a way that it would help users to find it easily.

Off-Page SEO:

 Off-page SEO is also required to increase traffic on to the website but it mainly focuses on external ranking mediums like backlinks, internal linking and many more. This is the most widely referred to as the activities that are performed on the webpage after it goes live on the internet. Link building, brand promotion are all a part of this off-page optimization or off-page SEO.

off page seo
off page seo

In addition to this off-page SEO also includes commenting on a post sharing liking and building user engagement. Brand promotion is always required because branding is something that we should work for from the scratch even if we have a CEO event. If we don’t have SEO it doesn’t matter but branding ourselves in front of the social world or social media is very important. This can be done using off-page SE,  there’s not going to be dealing with anything that is present on the page but everything that is taking care of after the article is posted online. After we finish writing our article or anything regarding content marketing we’ll have to link our force to one another right now say if I’ve written a blog on what is digital marketing I can use this matter as digital marketing is linked to another blog where We can just refer to.  Just writing the digital marketing but not writing the entire definition of it and not giving the exact proper explanation to ‘what is digital marketing’ we can just mention or put up a link to ‘what is digital marketing’ and then we are there.

So this is exactly how off-page SEO works. Backlinking and internal linking plays an important role in the off page.

 Technical SEO:

Technical SEO is often related to the parts where there is no content so what’s this supposed to mean SEO is basically having the content and optimizing it right. Technical SEO does means that we’ll have strategies that improve the website’s back-end structure also as the name suggests it handles the technical parameters that affect the visibility of the website on the search engine result pages SERP.  This means that it takes care of all the backend activities and we’ll have to make strategies to improve the backend of our post. Technical parameters are about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

technical seo
Technical seo

Traditionally, the phrase technical SEO refers to optimizing the website for crawling and indexing. The technical process meant to improve search visibility. Technical SEO includes everything from sitemaps, meta tags, JavaScript, indexing, keyword research and many more. It is called technical because it has nothing o do with the actual content of the website or the website promotion. The main goal of the technical SEO is to optimize the infrastructure of a website.

Working of a search engine:

Search engines are basically used for a better generation of results. Search engines have these primary functions that are crawling indexing and ranking.

How search engine works?
How search engine works?

The crawling process is called spiders or web crawlers. It automatically browses the web and stores information regarding the WebPages we visit. It can also be termed as a Google bot. They help in finding new and updated content online. This starts out by fetching the web pages that we had looked for and then follows the link on those web pages. To find new URLs the crawlers follow the trace of links. The crawler will be able to find new content and add it to their index. This is called caffeine, a huge database of previously searched two URLs that can later be retrieved when we are seeking information about the content on a particular URL. Search engines work by crawling hundreds of billions of pages using their own web browsers. These web crawlers are commonly called as search engine BOTS or spiders, as search engine navigates the web by downloading web pages and following links on these pages to discover new pages that have been made available.

Crawling is a very easy process. Search engines build an index based on crawling which is the process through which search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing find a new way to index mechanisms known as BOTS or spiders crawl the web using new pages.  These BOTS typically start with a list of websites URL determined from previous crawls when they detect new links on these pages through tags like href SRC. They add these to the list of sites to index then the search engines use their algorithms to provide we with a ranked list from their index of what pages one should be most interested.  Based on the query that we’ve provided then the engine will return a list of results that are ranked using the specific algorithm on google other elements like personalized and universal results may also change our page ranking.

Search engine utilizes additional information, it knows about the user to return results at a catered to their interest directly the universal search results combine video, images and Google News to create a bigger picture result which may mean greater competition from other websites for the same keyword.


Index work once the spider has crawled through our page a copy of it is stored onto a data canter. These data centres are massive repository which has all copies of the web pages that were crawled that pages can be easily discovered by search engines and it’s done in a better way by adding a data structure coil and index. It can also be defined as a repository of web pages that are collectively called an index.  This concept is very simple if website is not on their index it will not appear for any of the searches. It is also true that if we have more pages in the search engine index the more are our chances to appear on the search results. The algorithm which is used there’s a huge collection of web page copies of which are being constantly updated and organized so that we can quickly find what we’re looking for but we need means by which we can be ranked in order of relevance to  search term. This is where the algorithm comes in to play the algorithm is a very complex and the equation which calculates a value for any given site. In relation to the search term or our keyword we don’t know how the algorithm is but the search engines tend to keep this a closely guarded secret from competitors and from people who are looking to game the search engine and get to the top spots that said enough about the algorithms has been working out to let SEO advertise website owners to how they improve their sites traffic and also move up to the lists in the ranking search engines, don’t actually store all the information found in the page in their index but they keep things like when it was created and updated title description of the page type of the content keyword incoming and outgoing links and many more.

These are all done by using the algorithm; Google likes to describe their index in the form of something called back of a book or a really weak book. If the website is not in their index it will not appear for any of the searches, this also implies that the more pages website has in the search engine in Text, the more are the chances of we appearing on the search results.

When someone types a query or something it also notice that it is going to appear in the search engine result which means that in any position wants necessarily on the top pages.


Ranking plays a major role in optimizing the website as well, it is a process in which the search engine will pick highly relevant content and display it. The highest position on the SERP,  these are nothing part of the content created that is handpicked by the search engines for better-optimized results for a particular keyword. Higher the website is rank, the more relevant the search engine thinks. It’s a solution to a query also talking about a ranking page rank is one of the best algorithms for improving web search results. It is also considered as one of the ways to measure the importance of the website and also in addition to this. The websites and the content that are present on the first page of the search engine are those which page rank things are the best mentioned in indexing. If the website is not on their index, it will not appear for any of the searches in the same. Ranking is based on page rank so this is exactly how SEO works.

 SEO tactics and methods:

Having a good website and create content will not help our rank on relevant keywords on the search engine page, disguise we should follow a few techniques that will help us in better traffic generation and lead generation. Here are a few tactics art that will help to rank content or website on the top of the search engine page.

seo tactics & techniques
seo tactics & techniques

 Analyzing and optimizing content to rank in the first page here are a few tips: t

The first one is a good user experience so people landing on website would often be looking for a smooth interface and should be able to provide them with this with ease this is because Google only picks that website that put up relevant and quality results or quality content. Google includes a website as unique content.  Websites should have a good UI, and justifying solutions to the queries that we put up. According to a recent survey it was also stated that the content that created should be useful usable desirable findable valuable credible and accessible. 

These are some important factors that are required to help have a better user experience.

Content Creation:

 There’s also a scene that longer the content hire is going to be the ranking this is the actual truth g it has worked in my case as well longer the content hire is going to be the ranking of it say there are videos.  Longer the content, higher is going to be the ranking. The content that is created, has a major impact on website’s ranking.

A recent study also says that longer the content the higher the likelihood of its ranking at the top of the serp. This is exactly how to contemplate is major role in SEO. Organic traffic is way better than generating traffic via search or social media platforms.

content creation digitalwala
content creation

Organic traffic is never-ending,  organic traffic has no end or has no death, organic traffic is getting more views more traffic and also it is leading to the lead generation which is then converted to sales and also gets a good revenue.  Organic traffic and content creation play an important role.

Keyword Research:

Keyword analysis or keyword research: Keyword is an important factor of SEO. SEO is mainly dependent on the keyword that we get. How to analyze a keyword, how to generate keywords, how to build content on that particular keyword and how to make them rank. Keywords play a vital role in making content rank. Google is evolving its algorithms.

keyword research digitalwala
Keyword Research

 To understand the intention of the viewers or the prospects what do they want their interest, the search volume of a particular keyword and to be more specific watch search results to the keyword will help answer the queries. For example, the search engine shows ‘digital marketing’ has a search volume of 3 billion per month this is a very huge number. Creating content on a particular keyword or the keyword that is going to be used plays an important role here.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is creating good content and delivering it to the right audience content. Creating is a must but promoting the content and distributing it across the marketing channels is a task in hand.

 If the company is in a private sector like industrial or educational. It’s required to have corresponding articles or videos marketing is not just limited to making videos and writing blogs, it is something which is way beyond it, it can be promoted products, by using social media platforms, email marketing, etc.

content marketing digital
Content marketing

Content marketing is something that is related to creating content and promoting it. It is writing more articles and makes more videos regarding the keywords that have been given. Make sure that the highest search volume keyword, this is definitely going to make content ranked among the top 10 articles. Content should be very unique which has more information additional information regarding a particular topic or the keyword.

Content marketing is one of the best techniques or a marketing channel that can get more views to get more people to know about brand or product.

Make the website ranked on Google lengths are still the number one factor that determines the website ranking because without these links ranking the website would be very hard, also links can be earned through high-quality content influential marketing. These are considered to be extremely efficient.  

Keywords Optimization

It is very much required if we are writing blog or an article. Follow these steps of better keyword optimization, so the first thing we should do is to select domain and target the most popular keyword be aware of.  Domain to be worked on and targeting the most searched keyword in that field this is going to help in better content creation and drive more traffic to the website for that keyword. The selection of keyword plays an important role if someone going to be working on programming languages he should know which programming language, he should target. There are so many programming languages in the market which have high demand and also which has a lot of importance like Java, Python, c-sharp and so many others. These are the popular domains in languages and also keywords. Be aware of what we’re going to be working on and target the most search keyword.

keyword optmization digitalwala
keyword optmization

After selecting the domain and getting the most popular keyword right effective content on that keyword by doing our proper research, by adding the appropriate optimized keyword in website’s content, we’ll be able to connect with prospects and customers online. By doing this one can address viewers in a much-simplified way. Creating good content based on the keyword that has been given, plays an important role.

Other things, we should know how to build content, what keyword is after we know what content to add,  how to add title tags, content strategy, links URL and meta description. When we work on digital marketing, the success of our organization is mainly contributed by organic traffic which mainly focuses on researching analyzing and many more and the title of the content is also very important. Make sure that the addition of the targeted keyword in the title because this is the most important piece of work on the website both on and off the page. And also try to make sure that write a title that catches the users eyes.

Make links which help in better optimization content and just going to be, it is going to be making it look good and don’t forget to add relevant internal inbound and outbound links. Internal linking is something that is related to the articles which are already present on the website and linking it to this page. Internal linking works always make sure that adding the slug part of our article is because this should contain focus keyword.

Title Optimization:

 Title plays an important role. The post title should drag more attention a well-written title holds the power to the interest of the reader but that’s all on the side of the audience so make sure that creating lively or good title tags is an important part of the SEO strategy. This is because these are unique short and should have the focus keyword. In it this is also the first thing that the audience looks once, they search for a particular query related to product. It needs to focus on crafting captivating titles.

How to optimize title? – There are some rules to follow that we should watch out for every other thing which is going to help company’s name, go up and also a rank page on the Google. The first thing is watch the length of title. Normally the search engines display only the first 50 to 60 characters of the web pages title. So make sure to fill in the right title within the given spot or 50 characters.

Write always unique titles, do not try to copy or plagiarize our content or title all the web pages. Title should be very unique do not try to copy anybody else’s. This is going to result in a downfall of an article or blog that is going to be writing and it is not going to be present on the search engine pages and also prioritize our keywords. This has to be done because according to the recent researcher to set that the keywords at the beginning of the title may also have a lot of impact on the ranking of the page. So prioritize keywords more stuffing is also required. If someone is going to write a blog close to 8,000 or 9,000 words, he should stuff keywords, also prioritizing them accordingly is also important.

Branding product is important. Branding ourself is also important.

Optimizing the website:

SEO Tools

seo tools digitalwala

 Find a variety of tools available in the market that helps we in one way or the other the booming tools are namely Google Analytics, Hrefs, Moz, SEM rush, ubersuggest and many more.

Hrefs:  This tool is one of the most popular digital marketing tools that is used for analytics preparing back link analysis, audit reports, URL ranking and many more. Hrefs tool is also used for keyword analysis. This is a paid tool, a free version we have to pay for it but the features that this tool provides is very good and also it’s worth paying a buck for it well one of the important tools for SEO.

ahref digitalwala
href tool

SEM rush: SEM rush is also one of the best marketing SEO tools which are used throughout the world sem rush tends to be the fan favourite in the SEO community and experts love using this tool as it can easily access keywords ranking and changes them as well as also the new ranking opportunities one of the most popular features of this tool ist he domain vs. domain analysis, allowing to easily compare website to other competitors.

semrush digitalwala
sem rush

SEM Rush is definitely a perfect match for PPC pay paper click as it allows a ton of keyword research that helps in planning tracking and performance of paid search campaigns. SEM rush is one of the best SEO marketing tools which is currently booming in the market.

KW finder or SEOkeyword tool: An SEO keyword tool like KWfinder drill helps in long tail keywords that have a longer level of competition. The experts use this SEO tool to find the best keyword that runs analysis reports on backlinks and SERP. Its rank tracker tool helps in easily determining ranking while tracking improvement based on a key matrix. A ton of new keyword ideas to help rank website even higher and the best part of the kW Finder is how darn easy it is to use.

kwfinder digitalwla
kw finder

MOZ: This is the SEO software. Moz kept popping up as one of the best SEO tools that experts usually use some raved about how Moz was always up to date despite Google’s regular algorithm changes and others read about their chat portal because it allowed them to always use an insightful response to every question asked. Moz is a full-service powerhouse to get great insights into how the website is performing but also to get information. Regarding how to improve the website’s performance, it also has something called a free Moz toolbar which can easily downloaded for free and it allows us to see the stores matrix while browsing any page.

Moz digitalwala

Moz was founded by the great grand Fishkin and Gillian music in the year 2004. From then on Moz has come a long way from just a blog and an online community to a giant in the world of SEOand digital marketing. So Moz is actually a software that is also used as a tool. The page optimization feature in Moz tells exactly what steps are required to improve the SEO of every single page of the website. Moz is SEO tool that improves the business as it provides increased transparency compared to the website to competitors on the basis of and optimization has never been easy to see using this tool has been made easy.

Google search console: This is offered for free to everyone with a website. Google search console lets monitor and report on the website’s presence in Google s ERP. All we need to do is to verify the website by adding some code to the website or going through the Google Analytics and submit the sitemap for indexing. Although we need a search console account to appear on Google search results, we can control what gets indexed and also how the website is represented with this account. As an SEO checker tool a search console can help us to understand how Google and its users view our website and allow to optimize for better performance in Google search results.

Google search console
Google search console

SEO spider:  SEO spider was originally created in the year 2010 by the euphemistically named a ‘screaming frog’. One of the most attractive features of the SEOspider is its ability to perform a quick search of friendly URLs.  Best practices dictate that the search engines are much more likely to index simple relevant and human-readable URLs/ addresses which are meaningless strings of characters. SEO spider can also troll the website to check for broken pages as well this saves the trouble of manually clicking each and every link to rule out the 404 error. This is best tool to be a very good application. If there are broken pages or broken sites in a website, this tool also allows checking for pages with missing title tags, duplicated meta tags, tags with wrong length and any other feature which is not in line with the SEO practices. This tool has both a free and a paid version. The free version contains the most basic features such as crawling redirects but it is limited only to 500 URLs, we cannot customize robots and no Google Analytics integration is possible this makes an alight version of SEO spiders suitable for small domains. So the paid version costs more so and it also has more advanced features as well as the support.

screaming frog seo spider
screaming frog seo spider

Google Ads (Formly Google Adwords) Keyword planner: Knowing the right keyword to target is all important when writing our web copy.

Analysis tool: ranked offers free and paid options to track and report on marketing data. We can plug in our competitors to discover which keywords they are targeting so that we can overlap. with this try reporting on how keywords perform over time to really understand oour industry and optimize for users in the best way possible and the most important thing about boo ranked is understanding the things our website is lacking from both the technical and the content perspective. As the stool can identify duplicate content downtime and security issues and provide guidelines on how to fix them so we rank is one of the top listed analysis tools for SEO.

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Web analytics

Google Trends: Google trend is also one of the most useful digital marketing or SEO tool. Google Trends has been around with us for years and has never been underutilized not only it gives the information regarding a keyword but also it offers great insights into trends about the topic which can be invaluable at the stage of business truth. Search for keywords in any country and receive information around it like top queries rising queries interest over time and geographical location depending on the interest of website’s viewers if we’re not sure which SEO keywords are the ones for us this is the best SEO tool. We can use this tool helps us give the insights of a particular keyword and also let us know that there are not many blogs or videos regarding that keyword so that it can increase the number of views and also it can increase the traffic to the website.

google trends

Creating content is extremely relevant to focus keyword, do not beat around the bush. In this case, if we’re going to be working on one content one keyword we should know how to work our way around it. We should add relevant topics related to that keyword and then do the stuffing part write a small introduction to the topic this is also called as Meta Description. Don’t forget to add keyword mentioned Meta Description. It also plays an important role in generating traffic to the website. ‘

Do consider writing a small introduction to it and proper usage of h tag for the topics, that is going to be discussing a part uses a different header for the heading and also for the sub  topics as well say for example if we have topics that are being listed and for the first topic we have some two to three subtopics under it so the first header should be h2 and then if the subtopics are present put them in h3 and if those subtopics have further topics to be discussed put them in h4, h5 have proper usage of header tags and appropriate images to our content, don’t forget to add an image.

The image plays an important role if we’re going to be making videos or blogs and also if we’re going to be making PPT’s. If we’re going to give a presentation to somebody who’s interested in the product. We should know how to add images relevant to the topic add alt tags to images even in this case add focus keyword here. So alt tags are included in blocks if we are going to be writing blogs regarding a topic and we want to add an image to it alt tags are required in which we need to have a focus keywords.

It shouldn’t make the reader think that just adding a few words to make a sentence that shouldn’t be the case so readability should be good we should be up to date with the topic or the trends.

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